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Juicing It Right
Overwhelming at times the desire overtakes many to the point of buying cases of fruit juices but sadly they are polluting their body’s with unhealthy juice concentrates that will damage their systems.  By taking that extra time to juice your own fruits you will be assure that you will... Read more
How Well Do You Know Your Brain?
Out of all of the organs in the human body the human brain can be considered the star of the show for without it you can forget it literary but really folks our brains are the most complex and yet least understood part of the human body.     For instance... Read more
Eating Lunch Will Keep You Burning Calories
There is a host of people out there think that by skipping lunch that they will be losing fat around the waistline or helping their diets in some way but sadly the illusion becomes a reality when the hunger pangs begin and the urge to wolf down a fast... Read more
Cheese It Up

Cheese It Up

DietEd Barillas October 19, 2012

No matter what kind of natural cheese you enjoy eating you are certainly doing your body a great favor.  I am not talking about factory-processed cheese either as this processed cheese that comes in slices or worst in a can will surely wreck any plans of you staying in... Read more
Healthy Halloween Treats
Remember the times when you were little and put on that great and cool costume to go out and trick or treat?  The times when friendly neighbors happily gave out golden delicious apples, pears and bags of healthy peanuts?  Well neither do I sad to say.  Halloween treats have... Read more
SuperFoods For Kids

SuperFoods For Kids

Diet October 5, 2012

Are you tired of your kids coming home with bad grades or notes from the teacher telling you that the kids do not focus and stay motivated in class? Well the root of the problem actually lies in your own home and the foods that you give to your... Read more
Are You Dying For A Cup Of Coffee?
A large cup of hot coffee… Is there a better way to wake up and begin your day?  To smell that lovely freshly ground brew in the morning and to taste the distinctive sharp and lovely flavor and experience that first rush of caffeine rushing through your veins and... Read more
Arsenic In Rice, Again?

Arsenic In Rice, Again?

Diet September 20, 2012

Another independent laboratory test discovered that a well-known carcinogen called arsenic is once again in over 300 rice products in grocery stores across the U.S.   The goal of these independent tests is to pressure the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to set a safety standard for arsenic in foods... Read more
100 lb weight loss journey motivates trainer

Many people think I’m a nutritionist in a narrow field specific to bodybuilding and contest prep. This is far from the truth. A lot of my clients are average Joe’s who are just looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or do both. These people have a certain goal in mind. They have the need to better themselves because …

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Short Guide To Fall Produce
Well, the fall season is coming upon us with its brisk cool airs, football games on TV, hot apple pies in the oven and taking the kids to practice.  It also brings back many good memories of all of us piling into the van and heading to the local... Read more