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The Chair Massage

As long as massage has been around it’s a good bet that a portion of it has been performed while the client was seated either on a stool or a chair of some kind. Historical carvings, cartouches, paintings and drawings from all over the world have all been found that describe someone seated upright receiving some form of body work…

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Massaging the Elderly

Growing old is not always easy especially after the age of retirement. As many of the baby boomers head into their twilight years they will meet with very specific challenges that can impact their quality of life. The first is financial since they most likely won’t or cannot work any longer…

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The Spiritual Healing of Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian Massage

As with so many styles of massage around the world, Lomi-Lomi evolved from traditional medicine practiced in the Hawaiian Islands. Centuries ago, perhaps even millennia, Polynesian settlers to the islands brought with them their collective cultural wisdom …

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Massage and Pregnancy

Most massage therapists start out their careers with a certain idea of what they expect their clientele base to be composed of, but most of the time they are in for some unexpected twists and turns. When I started practicing, my vision of my clientele was mostly working with athletes. I hadn’t really thought about dealing with pathologies or older clients or pregnant women…

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My First Client’s First Healing Touch

Years ago when I was still a massage student, I had an evening job as a security guard that allowed me, between performing my duties, to read and study. I worked in an office building whose major tenant was a local child protection services office. One of the areas …

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Sports Massage – The Original Performance Enhancer

Throughout my career when people have asked me about sports massage I know that they usually mean they are looking for something vigorous and deep rather than what Sports Massage really is; a performance enhancing tool for the amateur, semi-pro and professional athlete…

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Massaging Giancarlo – Massage and End of Life Care

She told me that her father was terminally ill with cancer and was considering getting him massage to make his last days more comfortable. It was clearly a very emotional period for her and I was careful to be as kind and considerate as possible…

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The Ancient Art of Thai Yoga Massage
by Nick Lakoff, CMT Today I want to talk about a massage that I particularly enjoy receiving.  When I owned a massage therapy center in Montreal, I was fortunate enough to have a very lovely and talented Thai Yoga massage practitioner named Annick work for me.  Once I tried... Read more
Psychological Healing Through Touch – Sensitive Gestalt Massage

Californian massage creation is attributed to an American massage practitioner from San Francisco California named Margaret Elke. Already a Swedish massage practitioner, she had attended the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California in the 60’s to get certified in …

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The Esalen Approach

Esalen massage was developed at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California. The institute was founded by Micheal Murphy and Dick Price in 1962. The main objective was to re-examine commonly accepted thoughts and theories in the …

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