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Don’t strap up every time
by Adam Signoretta Stop wasting time with wrist curls and forearm exercises to get a grip. Want to have forearms that will make Popeye look like a 7 year-old child?  How do you do it?  Simple – ditch the wrist straps.  You do not have to get rid of... Read more
Don’t forget to build your bottom half

I have seen too many bodybuilders with massive upper bodies stacked on tooth picks. When it comes to building massive, well developed legs, most bodybuilders have no clue…

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Maximize your Delts

Shoulders are a tricky body part to train. Since you have three deltoids, most people feel the need to do 2-3 exercises for each one…

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The Making of a Man

People take the word man too lightly nowadays. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “Man” I think of a someone strong, of honor, and shredded to the bone…

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Five Underrated Movements

Many gym rats will determine a man’s strength by asking “How much can you bench?” If this was the measure of a man we would all be in trouble …

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