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Can Video Games Make You Fit? Can Video Games Make You Fit?
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Have you grown out of those childhood days in which you used to play games like, manhunt, freeze tag,... Can Video Games Make You Fit?

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Have you grown out of those childhood days in which you used to play games like, manhunt, freeze tag, and kickball? Do you remember how much fun you had running and jumping from side to side in order to keep from being tagged? Yes, those were the good old days! Our decision to exercise used to kick-in naturally without even knowing that what we were doing was keeping ourselves physically fit.

See, it was just so full of fun that it didn’t even matter if we had to run for hours trying to tag the next person to be it. Our mind was occupied with joy! And this is how it should always be now with exercise as we are generations advanced from the creation of those old childhood game workouts

Exercising should be fun-packed and should catch our interest naturally. Our mind should not even drift off to any type of weary thoughts nor should we grow bored of exercising. All our mind’s thoughts should be centered and filled with motivation towards the exercise we are carrying out at the moment.

So, truth is, that traditional exercises have become boring and they barely inspire people to get on track with a regular workout routine. Therefore causing many to lose interest in keeping fit and allowing themselves to get caught-up with the health issues that exist among us humans today due to overweight.

What if I told you that all those games from our childhood have been placed into game stations like, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii U, and X-box Kinect and that from these we could get a great workout? The name brands mentioned above have been providing motion games that can really give you a good burn of calories and fat. These are games specifically designed to help get you in shape. So, would you dare to play them? Or would you be embarrassed to be seen acting like a child again? Don’t answer this question just yet and let us see what the results are on some research I made on the topic.

I ran a test on a few video games and games stations within the privacy of my living room to find out which are the best for a good full body exercise. Here is what I came up with.

After trying out all three game stations mentioned above, I concluded that the X-Box Kinect game console is the best option to go for. The Xbox is the most effective for motion games such as, Nike Plus Kinect Training and Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013. The Kinect has a built-in camera that can actually track your full body’s movements and requires that you body be in full motion at all times to get the best of it.

With the Wii U or the PlayStation 3, the only thing that is being tracked is the controller and not your full body. Therefore making it easy to cheat the systems and at the same time your body, which is not what we want.

Games like UFC Trainer and Just Dance Four are, in my opinion, not qualified for getting the job done. But, I do recommend you try the following game, which I found to be highly active.

Zumba Core 
In this game, t he quick dance steps get your heart rate up and keep it interesting through out the determined time period you may choose to workout for. It is a good motion game for a great cardio workout. It is available for Xbox Kinect, which does the best job of making sure you get a good workout.

If you are a parent, now you have another interest to share in common with your kids! And you won’t even have to break your head worrying about whether your child is being badly influenced by video games or not. Also, as you and your child can both benefit from this, it should be easy to convince them to participate in a daily game exercising routine.

So, what do you think about gaming as an adult, now? Would you try it? I sure would if I were you. For it is a win win situation for both you and your child. Stores like Best Buy, Radio Shack, Walmart, Game Stop, and Toys-R-Us are places you can visit to find a greater variety of games to choose from. So go ahead and take yourself back to those childhood memories as you get a great workout in as well.