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Lose Those Extra Pounds
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer We have all heard it many times over that the best way to lose weight is by eating a properly balance diet and by repeatedly exercising.  But between you and I, pounding on a treadmill while staring at a wall or television just doesn’t... Read more
Joe Pesci’s Snickers Ads are Bad for Your Health
It’s shocking to see the lengths that the corporate industry media will go through to make sure you get diabetes and other deadly diseases and cancers.  Late one night while watching television I saw this Snickers Bar commercial with one of my all time favorite actors Joe Pesci who... Read more
Looking for Toxic and Cheap Christmas Presents this year?  Shoppers Beware
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Stay clear of cheap fake items coming to a store near you during the holiday festivities as consumer groups are currently investigating many bogus and dangerous items on the market.  Fake laptops and iPhones and games like Nintendo DSi handheld and Nintendo Wiis, iPads... Read more
Curb Your Snacking Binges
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer When you’re dieting, the thing that can really wreck a healthy eating plan is that awful temptation that comes over you to grab a huge bag of potato chips and chase it with an ice cold diet soda while watching your favorite cooking show... Read more
Boost Your Metabolism, Naturally
  By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer There’s just about nothing most people won’t try to lose weight. It’s like a quest for many people, jumping from the latest reduced calorie diet, swallowing some miracle metabolism boosting pill, or buying the latest fat burning exercise machine they see on late... Read more
Wondering Why Your Latest Fad Diet Isn’t Working?
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer By now you have seen advertisements for more diets than you can easily remember, and have also most likely seen an article or television show debunking some of those diets. Unfortunately, the art of shooting holes through the credibility of a diet plan is... Read more
Digestive Disorders Giving You Trouble?
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Have you been suffering from a burning sensation in the esophagus and been having abdominal pains? Well there are many things that one can do to get rid of these discomforts and irregularities.  First off you should know that the first thing that you... Read more
Want Better Sex in your Marriage?
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Many have searched and continue to search for the secret to a happy and long sex life.  Books have been written on the subject, seminars held and online web pages devoted to giving you more information on this great and delicate subject.  Our sex... Read more
Why It’s Time To Hit The Fitness Club
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer There are over one million reasons why not to join a gym, with some of them being the cost simply not being organized enough to fit it into your daily schedule. And now with the overabundance of ready made, high in fat, fast foods... Read more
The Making of MOZZARELLA
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer In Italy cheese makers would get 5 gallon buckets straight from the ocean and use it to brine their fresh mozzarella, they didn’t think it was bad, they didn’t have any problems with it and back then they didn’t have the sea contamination that... Read more
The Making of CHEESE
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Long ago a traveling Arab merchant was transporting milk in the stomach lining of sheep and as he traveled, the heat from the sun activated the enzymes in the lining (which is now known as rennin), which separate the whey, and curds and thus... Read more
Chef Ed’s Christmas Candied Yams
“This is a quick and delicious way to enjoy a Christmas favorite!”   Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes   Ingredients   2-29 ounce cans sweet potatoes 1 can evaporated milk 1 teaspoons vanilla essence ½ teaspoons freshly grated ginger ¼ cup butter at room temperature and... Read more
Is Homosexuality Caused By BPA Bisphenol-A?
Many newborns out there do not even have a fighting chance at their sex gender or sexual preference anymore because of this evil and deadly Bisphenol-A (BPA).  This evil chemical contaminates drinks served in plastic containers, that burger which was wrapped in BPA laced burger paper wrap and even... Read more
Raw Is Good For You
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Raw milk got a bad rap during the 1900’s and now people refuse to drink it unless it has been treated properly from “sicknesses” that one can get.  But truth be known raw milk is perfectly safe to drink as long as you know... Read more
Chef Ed’s Caesar Salad
“This salad will not only make you feel less guilty about all the food that you’re eating for thanksgiving but you’ll probably come back for seconds as well”   Ingredients 1/2 cup high quality extra virgin olive oil 3 cloves fresh garlic, peeled, smashed, then finely diced 5 ounces... Read more
Chef Ed’s Mashed Potatoes
“This side dish will certainly leave your guest wanting more and if you have leftovers this will make wonderful potato pancakes for the next day”     Preparation: 5 minutes   Cooking time: 20 minutes   Ingredients 5 pounds Idaho potatoes peeled and cut into halves (2 cups) whole... Read more
Chef Ed’s Christmas Gravy
“You’ll be pouring this gravy over everything on your Christmas plate”   Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes   Ingredients   2 cups red wine preferably Cabernet Sauvignon ½ cup heavy cream 2 tablespoons fresh unpasteurized organic butter cut into chunks This recipe goes hand in hand... Read more
Thanksgiving Menu Ideas And Decorations For Kids
  By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Not all kids go crazy for turkey with all the trimmings so having a menu set up just for the kids will make everyone’s Thanksgiving a whole lot better and enjoyable and if you can get the kids to help out with the... Read more
The Verdict is in…Drink More Water
The amount of water that you drink per day can make all the difference in your health and well-being.  So how much water should you drink to keep yourself hydrated and healthy?  Well, you must be able to drink the proper amount of water to keep your body functioning... Read more
Keep Prostate Cancer At Bay
Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in men and the older men get the higher the chance of getting this disease. Prostate cancer develops slowly is mostly unheard of in men under the age of 50. A healthy diet and annual checkups can keep you on... Read more
Chef Ed’s Hot Chocolate madness
“Cuddle up with your favorite remote control and enjoy this deliciously tasty treat with the kids during these cold months” Prep Time: 5 minutes   Drinking Time: 3-60 minutes   Ingredients   3/4 cup unsweetened dark cocoa 1 (14 ounce) can Sweetened Condensed Milk 1 teaspoons vanilla extract 1... Read more
Teen Acne Problems?
For many teens that suffer from acne, the pursuit to acquire a clear complexion can be not only challenging for teens but also detrimental to their self esteem.  However with the right approach and preventive tactics your teen may avoid acne altogether that along with a good and healthy... Read more
Laughter Can Improve Your Health
  Many have said over the years that laughter is the best medicine and while many of us definitely agree with this statement very few of us actually know that this really is the best medicine and best of all its free or at least the price of a... Read more
Messi’s Powerful Legforce
    By Staff Writer- Ed Barillas Lionel Andres Messi or better known as “Messi” is an Argentine football player who plays for La Liga club FC Barcelona and is also the captain of the Argentina national team which represents Argentina in all major cup soccer events and playing... Read more
10 Holiday Foods You Should Avoid
Well the holiday season is coming up once again before us with its fattening foods and drinks, parties overflowing with foods high in fat and a vast variety of holiday treats tempting you wherever you go whether its your iPhone, iPad or Television, so what a better time to... Read more
Honey Glazed Baked Ham
“If you do have any leftovers they make great ham sandwiches”   Ingredients 1 (12 pound) ham with bone, rump portion 1/4  cup whole cloves 1 cup honey 8 pineapple rings 4 cups orange juice, or as needed 1 teaspoon sea salt   Preparation Preheat the oven to 350... Read more
Hot Cider With Grand Marnier
“This will make you the most popular barman in a cold town”   Ingredients   1-gallon fresh non-commercial organic dicer 1 bottle Grand Marnier 4 long cinnamon sticks Preparation Add the cider to a large pot and bring to a soft boil. Remove from fire and keep covered through... Read more
Cranberry Stuffed Apples
“Your neighbors will be banging down your door to see what that great aroma is”   Ingredients 3 green apples 1  cups fresh cranberries 1  cup water 3/4 cup packed brown sugar 1 teaspoon lemon juice 2 tablespoons honey 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder 1 tablespoon cloves whole    ... Read more
Medical Marijuana Initiatives in 2012: A Choice for Patients’ Rights

When given a choice, most people would pick a natural medicine over a pharmaceutical one if the results are mostly the same or better. It is an even better choice if the medicine can be easily grown and harvested in your own home or backyard. This November, voters in five states will be given a choice to legalize medical marijuana, giving people the freedom to use the herb to treat themselves in a more natural fashion. Ballot initiatives in Massachusetts and Arkansas establish legal use of medical marijuana and ballot initiatives in…

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Heart Surgery Recovery Plan
Many of those recovering from heart surgery should take it as a wake-up call to begin living a healthy life. The simple process of replacing bad habits with good and fun habits can make all the difference in the rate of your recovery.  A simple but carefully planned diet... Read more
How Male Enhancers Can Shorten Your Life
  Before Viagra showed up on the scene billions upon billions of people were conceived without any help at all from heavy psychotropic drugs like Viagra.  You rarely would ever hear about anyone having a problem with his sexual performance or longevity of an erection.  But with the way... Read more
Juicing It Right
Overwhelming at times the desire overtakes many to the point of buying cases of fruit juices but sadly they are polluting their body’s with unhealthy juice concentrates that will damage their systems.  By taking that extra time to juice your own fruits you will be assure that you will... Read more
Chef Ed’s Mashed Cauliflower
“Love mashed potatoes?  Now try mashed cauliflower, and healthier too!” Ingredients 1 large head of cauliflower washed and destalked into bite size pieces ½ stick butter 1 teaspoon sea salt 2 cloves garlic minced 1 medium white onion minced ½ cup milk 2 tablespoons cilantro chopped   Preparation Put... Read more
Chef Ed’s Oriental Stir Fry
“Great and refreshingly tasty with or without meat” Prep Time: 30 minutes Stir fry time: 10 minutes Ingredients 1 pound fillet Mignon with light layer of fat intact in length wise slices, around 6 inch size 2 large carrots washed and cut in chunks 2 white large onions in... Read more
Chef Ed’s Beef Stew
“This hearty stew can hit the spot on a cold and hungry day” Prep time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour 40 min Ingredients 2 Lbs.  Stew beef, cut into bite-size pieces 1/4 cup plus 3 tablespoons flour 2  celery chopped 2 large onion, coarsely chopped 2 to 3... Read more
Fresh Zapote (Mamey) and Papaya Smoothie
“Smoothies pull double duty by quenching thirst and satisfying hunger at the same time; they can be easily tailored to suit every individual needs. And even kids with dairy allergies can enjoy them. They’re also a great way to sneak more fiber and antioxidants into your kids.” Prep time:... Read more
How Well Do You Know Your Brain?
Out of all of the organs in the human body the human brain can be considered the star of the show for without it you can forget it literary but really folks our brains are the most complex and yet least understood part of the human body.     For instance... Read more
How To Turn Exercise into a Fitness Habit
No one says that you have to go to a gym or buy equipment or that exercise has to be strenuous and painstaking long.   You have to be able to shift your perception of exercise as being regimented to exercise being a physical activity that can be enjoyed and... Read more
Eating Lunch Will Keep You Burning Calories
There is a host of people out there think that by skipping lunch that they will be losing fat around the waistline or helping their diets in some way but sadly the illusion becomes a reality when the hunger pangs begin and the urge to wolf down a fast... Read more
Cheese It Up

Cheese It Up

DietEd Barillas October 19, 2012

No matter what kind of natural cheese you enjoy eating you are certainly doing your body a great favor.  I am not talking about factory-processed cheese either as this processed cheese that comes in slices or worst in a can will surely wreck any plans of you staying in... Read more
Fungal Meningitis Found in Contaminated Steroid Injections

Meningitis occurs when there is an inflammation of the protective membranes known as the meninges that cover the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis can be caused by viruses, bacteria and fungus. Fungal meningitis is the least common of the three and is considered rare. However, recently there have been several cases of fungal meningitis reported in 9 states. This particular type of fungal meningitis is caused by contaminated steroid injections.

Fungal meningitis is…

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How Legit Are These Vaccines?

The vaccination premise began around 300 years ago when a pharmacist from the UK inserted cowpox pus under the skin of a pre teen boy. This experiment was rooted on an undeclared rumor that anyone who had had cowpox would be immune to smallpox. Throughout the years this scientist vaccinated other unfortunate people against smallpox without any proof of positive results, safety nor approval from the medical society. The scientist approached King George III so much with a deceitful presentation that the king award him

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Health Benefits of Snowboarding

Snowboarding has become a popular winter sport (and summer if you live in Europe) that offers a great number of health benefits. Even if you’re not the most agile snowboarder, you surely can enjoy the cardiovascular perks and cheerfully burn those bad

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Healthy Halloween Treats
Remember the times when you were little and put on that great and cool costume to go out and trick or treat?  The times when friendly neighbors happily gave out golden delicious apples, pears and bags of healthy peanuts?  Well neither do I sad to say.  Halloween treats have... Read more
Surfing The Fitness Waves
  By Staff Writer -Ed Barillas Surfing these days has become a fun and competitive sport for basically all ages and sexes.  Wherever there are good rideable waves you can count on there being lots of people looking to enjoy them and take advantage of them for their own... Read more
SuperFoods For Kids

SuperFoods For Kids

Diet October 5, 2012

Are you tired of your kids coming home with bad grades or notes from the teacher telling you that the kids do not focus and stay motivated in class? Well the root of the problem actually lies in your own home and the foods that you give to your... Read more
Quick And Fun Ways To Stay Fit
Making small changes to your diet every day to help reduce your calorie intake will help offset weight gain over the year, and possibly even help you to lose weight!  So go ahead and give these ideas a try to help you reduce your calorie intake. Try it, you... Read more
Are You Dying For A Cup Of Coffee?
A large cup of hot coffee… Is there a better way to wake up and begin your day?  To smell that lovely freshly ground brew in the morning and to taste the distinctive sharp and lovely flavor and experience that first rush of caffeine rushing through your veins and... Read more
Arsenic In Rice, Again?

Arsenic In Rice, Again?

Diet September 20, 2012

Another independent laboratory test discovered that a well-known carcinogen called arsenic is once again in over 300 rice products in grocery stores across the U.S.   The goal of these independent tests is to pressure the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to set a safety standard for arsenic in foods... Read more
Fall FitnessTips

Fall FitnessTips

Fitness September 17, 2012

The fall is upon us with its long shadows, cool weather and multi-colored leafs on your trees.  Summer has left our bodies overheated and in some cases in need of exercise.  This fall workout season is very important as lots of holiday parties, snacks and food that are coming... Read more
New York City’s Bans On Oversized Soft Drinks
Viewed as an important first step in beginning a dialogue in reducing New York City’s soaring obesity rate Mayor Bloomberg stepped forward with a new plan to put into march a ban on the sale of 20 oz. cups in all restaurants, street carts and movie theaters?  The standard... Read more
Bodybuilding Training At Home
Plenty of people out there are concerned about going to a gym to begin their bodybuilding routine for whatever reason and lose essential time in developing a workout routine and opt for working out at home and as a matter of fact, to this day, most of my bodybuilding... Read more
Red Wine For Good Health?
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer the word alone, wine, takes me back to my childhood in the South of France with images of grazing cows on green hills, vineyards ripe with red and white grapes ready for the picking and drinking fresh cold water right out of the river. ... Read more
The Roots Of Reflexology

The origins of reflexology date back to the earliest of civilizations. Ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan texts and charts, thousands of years old, depict various methods of acupressure massage on the soles of feet. There are even Native American oral traditions that speak of massaging feet, hands and …

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Healthy Video Games
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer The video game industry has always left alot to be desired when it comes to how healthy their customers stay throughout their playing time with their product while plouched on a couch for hours at a time and stuffing their faces with everything imaginable... Read more
Short Guide To Fall Produce
Well, the fall season is coming upon us with its brisk cool airs, football games on TV, hot apple pies in the oven and taking the kids to practice.  It also brings back many good memories of all of us piling into the van and heading to the local... Read more
Top Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp
Remember all the times you shook someones hand heard them introduce themselves and then a second later you forget their name?  Well welcome to the club as everyone wants to have a sharp mind and memory.  By exercising your brain you can also improve your attitude as you will... Read more
Pizza Can Be Good Or Bad For You
Pizza, the cornerstone of every nutritional lunch, dinner, snack and even breakfast, has been around for generations and has made it through wars, plagues and hurricanes and can probably be ranked amongst the worlds most loved foods (mostly with kids) but still.  Memories flood the mind of younger years... Read more
Love That “Runners High” When Working Out?
Working out doesn’t have to be all hard work, sweating, huffing and puffing and wishing you never got out of bed.   A workout should be fun, inspirational, exciting and leave you that feel good feeling that leaves you refreshed and loving life.  A good workout routine should give... Read more
Wonders Of Coconut Oil

Wonders Of Coconut Oil

Diet September 6, 2012

  Believe it or not oil from coconuts is actually great for you as this oil is able to fight the bacteria that causes plaque to build up on your teeth.  Scientist have been besides themselves since they first claimed that coconut oil caused heart disease and heart attacks... Read more
Greatest Health Quotes Ever
Everyone at one point or another has said something that those around them enjoyed and repeated to others.  Everyone has at least one person who enjoys reveling in a good quote whenever any interesting situations arises.  Quotes have dated back to ancient times and focused on some pretty interesting... Read more
Good Fitness Ideas To Get You Back On Track
When is the best time for your body to exercise?  Are you a morning person or do you get your best performance at night?  The time of day can make a difference if you really want to get the most out of your workout.  To make a workout routine... Read more
Healthy Benefits Of Fast Foods?  NOT!!!
Love fast food?   yeah well I used to love digging into a nice hot and juicy burger with crispy hot fries and chasing it all down with an extra large diet soda after a good workout right?  Well these foods or better said lack of can make all the... Read more
Where Does The USA Rank In Healthy Food Consumption?

With all the health and fitness talk going around and everyone and their dogs on some sort of diet where does the US rank on health and fitness overall? First off the US ranks 1st in obesity as it has steadily increased by the year since fast foods showed its . The US ranks 83 in agricultural land and is one of the largest countries in the world. Americans ate 15 kilograms of cheese per capita, which made…

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Do Vegans Get Enough Protein To Be Healthy? NO WAY!!!
The single most important issue with this topic is that vitamin B12 which is super essential for the human body to function properly can only be found in meat which is important for our body’s and for athletes as it affects the production of red blood cells.  In today’s... Read more
Is Wearing Jeans Good For Your Health?
Wearing jeans has been in fashion ever since i was a little tiny tot and these days it seems that everyone wears them at one point or another.  When a woman wears jeans it can be well, quite, attractive and disturbing at the thought of someone squeezing into a... Read more
Wake up Naturally Refreshed
Getting up in the morning is sometimes better said than done in most households with late hours at work, busy lifestyles, diet and nighttime household chores this can put quite a bit of weight on your shoulders which may cause you to end up wired and cranky the next... Read more
Getting Ready For Emergency Situations
With all the natural events of these days with hurricanes, earthquakes, floods even epidemics happening around the globe its always a good thing because when normal life is disrupted you will have to fend for yourself for a while.  The basic advice given out there is that everyone should... Read more
Give These healthy Oils A Try
You’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times in the past that fat can clog your arteries and promote heart attacks, well its a natural fact that good fats are extremely good for you and can keep your arteries clean and your heart happy.  To get the... Read more
Planning On taking The Kids Camping?  here Are A Few Helpful Tips
If you’ve camped out before then you know that paying extra attention to your planning list will save you headaches out in the campsite, especially if it starts to rain.  Not everyone is cut out to camp it out these days but for those that do it it can... Read more
Cardio Benefits Of Bike Riding
Getting on a bicycle and riding off into the sun can do wonders for your cardio and overall health.  This great workout is fun and you can actually never feel like your pushing yourself if you dont want to as you have gears that can make things easier for... Read more
How Football Players Stay In Shape
Have you been wondering how the football players on TV stay in such good shape and condition?  How healthy really is the way they eat? Proper nutrition is crucial for football players and to get the full rewards of hard and intensive preseason workouts nutrition is the key.   The... Read more
Stay More Focused At Work
By Staff Writer- Ed Barillas If your part of the large office workforce were offices are divided into cubicles situated in large room with 50 to 80 more people on your floor than you are probably having a bit of a rough time staying focused and on the job... Read more
Having A Hard Time Getting To Sleep?
Getting to sleep has become a battle for many with so many evening distractions, stress or internet and TV shows to keep us up and how you feel during your waking hours can be the result of how well you sleep at night. Your sleep schedule, bedtime habits, and... Read more
Easy And Painless Workouts For College Students
Writing this article takes me back to my Freshman days in college  and from the minute I stepped into the freshman dorm building I knew I was in for a lot of new adventures and most importantly no mom and dad to tell me what to do anymore (or... Read more
Do You Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them?
By Staff Writer: Ed Barillas Growing up I would try to see how long I could go with wearing the same brand new pair of pants or shirt to show off that new clothes smell.  Believe it or not most people rarely if ever wash their new clothes before... Read more
Best Food For Good Fitness
Remember that you are what you eat and what you eat throughout the day can have a great effect on the outcome of your workout and the results that you get from it.  In order to get that lighting quick speed, those thunderous arms and concrete hard abs you... Read more
Why Commercial Soap Is Bad For You And What To Use Instead
Normal commercial soaps boast that they are good for you but with all the artificial colors and fragrances can you really rely on these to keep you clean and healthy?  Antimicrobial soaps contain mostly water and surfactants that create the foam that you get when you lather up and... Read more
What’s In That Microwave Popcorn?
  High in fiber grains, proteins, minerals, vitamin B3 & C and a wonderful source of folic acid it’s hard to phantom that popcorn could be bad for us.  Freshly made popcorn from organic corn has been as American as apple pie and movie night.   For centuries this fresh... Read more
Should You Bag Your Kids School Lunches?
  Thinking about giving your kids a few bucks for school lunch?  You might want to rethink that and invest in sending them off with a homemade nutritious bag lunch instead.   Yes you might want to rethink your morning schedule just a tad to make time to prep &... Read more
Top Back To School Snacks
  Schools and Universities are back in action and with all the commotion of new classes, last minute shopping for school supplies and clothes, and the quick temptations that are flashed everywhere featuring chocolaty goodies laden with high fructose corn syrup to crispy and salty snacks from a bag... Read more
Your Type Of Foot Might Affect Your Workout
Have you ever looked down at your feet and wondered why they are shaped the way they are?  the type of foot that you have can have alot to do with the comfort of your workout and the type of shoe and or shoe support There are many types... Read more
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Muffins
Ingredients: 2 cups self-rising flour 2/3-cup sugar 3⁄4 cup milk 60g butter, melted 1 egg, beaten lightly 140 dark chocolate chips 120g fresh raspberries (or other berries) 12 muffin paper cases
Icing sugar for dusting (optional) Method: Preheat oven to 200 375 F. Line a 12-hole muffin pan (1/3 cup... Read more
Dark Chocolate Breakfast

Dark Chocolate Breakfast

Diet August 21, 2012

“I would jump out of bed in the morning if I knew that dark chocolate raspberry muffins were waiting for me! They look so moist, and I can see the berries and dark chocolate chips–oh so ridiculously good!”   Dark chocolate has been shown to contain a great number... Read more
Why Are You Lactose Intolerant?
the simple process of heating the milk to pasteurized it will cause lactose intolerance and scare millions away from drinking what was once one of the safest and most nutritious ways to get required vitamins and minerals into your body.  If you look back to the old times say... Read more
Back To School Diet For Dense Bones
Well its that time of the year again and the early morning hustle and bustle of getting ready for school is back in our lives again.  Kids fighting over bathroom time and trying to find that shirt that went perfect with those new jeans that is nowhere to be... Read more
Salt Is Good For You

Salt Is Good For You

Diet August 16, 2012

For decades we have been grilled that salt is bad for the body and many people at risk of heart disease have been advised by doctors that salt can do more harm than good.  they way I look at it is that that advice is actually putting those with... Read more
Top 8 Sources Of Protein

Top 8 Sources Of Protein

Diet August 16, 2012

What we call protein is in reality a member of the amino acid molecules and when combined we get various combos of proteins.  We need protein at all stages of our lives, for a vast variety of bodily functions. It’s the major component of all cells, including bone and... Read more
Why Bran Is Good For You
When processing occurs in grains such as rice, oats and wheat the outer layer is removed and sadly this is where a great deal of the nutritious value is of the particular crop. Bran is made of an insoluble dietary fiber and does not break the same way that... Read more
The Greatness of Niacin (Vitamin B-3)
Niacin is of of the greatest vitamins out there and is one of the eight essential B vitamins today.  It is an essential vitamin because if not consume daily you will develop symptoms and health complications. This vitamin is used by your body in a vast variety of ways... Read more
Naturally Boost Your Metabolism
By Ed Barillas-Staff Writer Wether your trying to regain that figure you had in your earlier years or perhaps your into working out and weightlifting and tired of all those synthetic metabolism booster pills that all but turn you into a nervous junky or maybe you just want to... Read more
Cleansing Your Colon Naturally
by Ed Barillas- Staff writer Colon cancer or colecterol cancer originates from uncontrolled cell growth in the colon or rectum and affects over 200,000 people per year in the US alone.  Some symptoms may include anemia or rectal bleeding which are linked to weight loss and change in bowel... Read more
Staying Ahead Of Osteoporosis
It has been estimated recently that around 75 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis which is a disease that ends in bone loss, loss of tissue and bone density.  Some people are more prone to develop this disease but by developing healthy diet habits they will be able to at... Read more
The Healthy Power Of The Sun
Fueled by the current number of high incidents of skin cancer people overall are staying out of the sun as much as possible and drown their skin in toxic sunscreen before hitting the pool.  The media does nothing at all to help you but does everything that it can... Read more
Kid Friendly Snacks

Kid Friendly Snacks

Diet August 8, 2012

  With options ranging and coming from vending machines full of candy and chips to especially those disgusting and super unhealthy school lunch meals, our kids are not doing this to themselves but it is being done to them. Of course the major finger pointing goes to the food... Read more
Cheese facts

Cheese facts

Diet August 8, 2012

It doesn’t matter what kind of natural cheese you eat you are doing your body a great favor.  Please keep in mind that I am not talking about factory processed cheese either as this processed cheese that comes in slices or worst in a can will surely wreck any... Read more
Chef Ed’s Beef Bourguignon
” This yummy recipe will have everyone cleaning their plates and asking for seconds” Ingredients serves 2 (Warm garlic bread would be a great addition to this to sop up the delicious sauce) 1 Large white onion chopped 1 bulbs garlic diced 1/2 large carrot slices, 1/4 cup mushrooms... Read more
Excercises To Get You Fit
If your still sitting on the fence about when and how to get back into shape there are some quick and easy ways to go about it without having to get a gym membership or even an in-home gym.   There are a few types of exercises that you can... Read more
Vegetables That Rock

Vegetables That Rock

Diet July 31, 2012

Love them or hate them veggies will always be the most health promoting food group on this earth as they contain wonderfully good components like antioxidants, fiber and strong phytochemicals.  Getting people and most importantly kids to eat their veggies basically come down to presentation, the better and more... Read more
Healthy and Refreshing Drink Alternatives
Green Tea People just cant get enough of green tea.  Green tea is a wonder of an antioxidant and is known to prevent and fight diseases.  This alone may just be one of the reason that people in China tend to outlived those from other parts of the world. ... Read more
Wonderful herbal aids To Get You To Sleep Faster
Getting a good nights sleep has become a thing of the past with heavier workloads, demanding bosses, diet, stress, and lifestyle.  If you just read my last article on sleep disorders than I am sure that you will be looking for natural ways to get to sleep faster and... Read more
Are You Sleep Deprived?
Millions of people out in today’s world suffer from sleep deprivation and believe it or not there are many complications that can play a roll in a persons psychological and physiological well being.  Today’s work schedule, diet and lifestyle can play a role in how well you sleep and... Read more
The Soft Drink Controversy Continues
There is a controversy stirring up in India as to whether harmful chemicals along with pesticides are really found in products made by the Coca-Cola Company.  An independent organization in New Delhi, India stated that aerated waters produced by soft drink manufacturers that goes for Pepsi as well, was... Read more
Being Overweight Ticking You Off?
Being overweight has never been a good mood enhancing experience unless your playing Curly in the Three Stooges or Oprah and getting paid millions (Billions for Oprah) to do it.  Otherwise being overweight is depressing, sad, embarrassing, deadly at times (heart disease, diabetes etc), and only funny to those... Read more
Chef Ed’s Tiramisu
(this recipe was inspired by Susu, a great chef from Escoffier) Ingredients 1 pound mascarpone cheese 1 1/4 cups heavy cream 2/3 cup strong espresso coffee, room temperature 1/2 cup white sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 tablespoons dark rum 2 tablespoons Kahlua 2 tablespoons Sambuca 2 (3 ounce)... Read more
Eat Your Way to Recovery
The most frustrating thing in an athlete’s life has got to be an injury as it pretty much takes all the fun and motivation out of whatever it was that you were doing whether playing a sport or exercising or both and although the path to recovery may have... Read more
Whats in a Stroke?

Whats in a Stroke?

Medical July 19, 2012

A brain stroke is the second leading cause of death and is responsible for 4.5 million deaths per year.  Stroke is also the number 3 cause of death in the Unites states right behind heart disease and cancer and affects more than 3 quarters of a million Americans annually.... Read more
Get That Healthy Glow Back
Everybody and there neighbor wants that healthy skin that is forever advertised on television, websites and magazines so knowing how to get it naturally can benefit you greatly.  Your skin needs water in order for it to function best, thus doctors and nutritionists suggest that a daily intake of... Read more
Chef Ed’s Shrimp Wraps
18 medium prawns, peeled and deveined and butterflied 2 cloves garlic finely minced 1 teaspoon lime juice 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1/4 teaspoon sea salt 3 tablespoons cilantro chopped 1 tablespoon olive oil 4 large corn tortillas 9 inch in diameter sesame oil for frying For Cole slaw use:... Read more
Almond Raisin Fruit Balls
Servings: 12 balls Golfball size Ingredients 1 cup whole natural almonds, toasted * 1/2 cup sundried raisins 1 package (6 ounces) mixed dried fruit bits 2 1/2 teaspoons honey 1 tablespoon ginger shaved 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon !/2 cup coconut shredded 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg 2 tablespoon... Read more
Study Finds Almonds Great Against Diabetes
Researchers have uncovered a technique to re-sensitize cells to the effects of insulin.  The miracle substance is an type of almond called sterculia foetida which contains sterculic oil and can aid those who have lost the ability to produce insulin and have developed insulin resistance.   Insulin acts like a... Read more
Facts On Cancer

Facts On Cancer

Medical July 18, 2012

Cancer starts when cells in the body begin to grow uncontrolably.  the human body is made up of trillions of living cells and these cells divide quicker to allow a child to grow and when a person is completely grown they only devide to replace wornout or dead cells... Read more
Can Drinking Water Help Loss Weight ?
Just because you sit all day at your air conditioned office doesn’t mean that you don’t need to drink water.  Some think that if they don’t sweat they don’t need to drink as much water or even their daily recommended allowance.  The human body needs around 64 ounces of... Read more
Lower Your Cholesterol The Natural Way
Low density lipoprotein (LDL) and high density lipoprotein (HDL) are the two main types of cholesterol which is found in the human body and is a fat like substance that our bodies need for the production of healthy cells, vitamins, bile acids, cell membranes and many types of hormones... Read more
The Great Benefits Of Chamomile
Belonging to the daisy family this flowering plant comes from the Greek word meaning “ground apple” chamomile has been a popular herb used mostly for medicinal purposes and can be consumed in tea or oil form.  Chamomile is a native to Asia and Europe.  This great herb is highly... Read more
Working With Lighter Weights May Suffice
Do you really enjoy lifting those heavy weights?  Well neither do most people who work out and according to some scientist working out on light weights may benefit one a whole lot more than lifting those heavy weights.  The premise basically shows that lifting lighter weights repeately will work... Read more
Figuring Out How to Eat Healthy getting you down?
Around Fifty percent of Americans responding to an online survey claimed that they thought that it  was easier to do their own taxes than it was to figure out how to eat healthfully.  It has been stated that people lacking proper schooling, had high blood pressure, were overweight, had... Read more
Smaller Bits of Food May Aid in Weight Loss
After a meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior researchers came to the conclusion that humans as well as animals preferred eating smaller bits of food as they found it more satisfying and enjoyable and may help people control their weight more easily because they are... Read more
Are Vaccines Really Good For You?
Vaccines begun in 1796 when a British pharmacist named Edward Jenner injected pus under the skin of 8 year old boy as was based on an crazy rumor that anyone who had had cowpox would also be immune to small pox and went along to vaccinate many others with... Read more
The Scoop on HFCS and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has rushed across America and the world to become the most common liver disease and to this date over 30 million people have been afflicted with NAFLD which can lead to liver cancer, cirrhosis, and even liver failure. This disease does not derive from... Read more
Bottled Water Anyone?
By Staff Writer: Ed Barillas What’s best to drink after a good and hard work out, water right? Well the type of water that you are drinking may not be good for you if it’s bottled.  For decades the bottled water industry has promoted an image of purity, health... Read more
The Unfreshness of Fresh Juice
Although the cartons may say freshly squeezed or not from concentrate that juice actually sat in large vats for more than a year before being shipped out to that store near you.  Big juice companies store their juices in large vats for storage and to remove any oxygen from... Read more
Think Before Microwaving
The practice of heating food up in the microwave is as American as apple pie a vast array of microwaved foods recipes are popping up all over and many are taking advantage of the quick and easy ways to prepare their foods.  Well sadly the problem with microwaved foods... Read more
Getting Your Kids To Exercise Right
In this day and age of the powerful media industry’s reign on our extracurricular activities with Blackberry to WII games to Facebook all in which we partake of when sitting or laying down, our overall health is being affected and not in a good way.  Our body’s need a... Read more
Measuring Your Workout Intensity
Not only exercising but doing it the right way is a very important function of a healthy body. A half hour per day six days a week should do the trick and keep you on the right track. Rest is also very important so make sure to get plenty... Read more
Superfoods For Your Eyes
  Your diet can have a tremendous effect not only on your health but also your eyesight, eye disease and declining vision. Foods ranging from fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs vastly help provide massive amounts of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and carotenoids which is the ingredient found in not... Read more
Basil Great for Treating Diabetes
Ayurvedic herbs such as holy basil are great for keeping your blood sugar well balanced.  The holy basil plant contains essential oils that produce eugenol, methyl eugenol and caryophyllene which all stimulate the pancreas and cause it to naturally stimulate insulin production. This basil can normalize your blood sugar... Read more
Muscle Cramps Bothering The Champion in You?
A muscle cramp is an involuntary and quickly contracted muscle that will not relax.  Generally, a muscle contracts when it is used, then stretches out when the motion is completed or another muscle moves it in a different direction. If a muscle contracts with great intensity without stretching out... Read more
Maintain Your Happy and Healthy Eyes
One major contributor to eye trouble is a poor diet, specifically the denatured, chemical and preservative laden foods that most Americans consume daily.  A deficiency of just one vitamin can lead to various eye problems.  We have all experienced eye problems at one time or another, tired eyes, bloodshot... Read more
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Mostly unheard of, carpal tunnel syndrome is rapidly becoming a burden of modern society.  CTS is defined as the type of injury named repetitive strain injury, which can include trigger finger, nerve spasms, and carpal tunnel syndrome. This definition is used to name a set of symptoms that occur... Read more
Minerals are Good For You
Every living cell depends on minerals for proper structure and function. Minerals can help in the regulation of muscle tone, the formation of body fluids, the formation of blood and bones and the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.  Like vitamins, minerals functions as a co-enzymes which enables the... Read more
The health Wonders of Phytochemicals
For many years, researchers have recognized that diets that are high in fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes appear to reduce the rich of a number of diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.  More recently is has been discovered that the disease preventing effects of those... Read more
Omega-3 fatty acids facts
Our bodies need fats to function properly and extend its existence and there are foods that can help us in this purpose.  N-3 fatty acids popularly known as Omega-3 fatty acids are essential unsaturated fats that cannot be synthesized by the body and are crucial for a normal metabolism.  ... Read more
Headache Bothering You?
A headache is something that everyone gets during the course of their lives or at least once in awhile. The pain that can come on for any number of reasons and the cure for most people is to take an aspirin or another headache pain removal.  There are many... Read more
The Importance of Eating Your Vegetables and Fruits
The average American eats around 2 servings of vegetables and fruit per day.  Sadly this goes against the helpful guidelines that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as they have stated in their guidelines that Americans should be eating from 5 to over 10 servings of fruits... Read more
Ahhhh Rosemary

Ahhhh Rosemary

Diet June 11, 2012

It used to be said that if rosemary flourishes in the garden, then the woman wears the pants in the house. Whether that is true or not, a flourishing rosemary tree is an asset to any home. Rosmarinus Officinalis is one of the most aromatic, beautiful, and useful of... Read more
Fighting Osteoporosis with Calcium Supplementation
Osteoporosis means “porous bone.” It is characterized by a decrease of bone density and an increase in the risk of fractures. Osteoporosis is on an epidemic scale. Ten million Americans suffer from it, thirty four million more have a low bone mass, which is a serious risk factor in... Read more
Functions of Calcium

Functions of Calcium

Diet June 11, 2012

If you were to mention calcium, bone health comes to mind. While calcium is most abundant in the human bones, it is vital for body functions that include nerve transmission, heart health, immune function and blood clotting. Calcium supplementation has been found to reduce the risk of colon cancer.... Read more
Making it Count with Super Brain-Healthy Foods
Parents can help their child make the grade by coupling brain healthy supplements, a good multi-vitamin and brain-smart foods. Properly nourishing the brain will ultimately set the child up for success in the classroom by improving focus and concentration, managing behavioral problems and keeping them healthy. The daily diet... Read more
How to Look Younger

How to Look Younger

Health June 10, 2012

Each of us yearns to maintain our youthful appearance, energy and good health free from disease and sickness. We look for help from the “discoveries of science” and “breakthrough drugs” or “elixirs” full of promise. While we have made significant progress in our understanding of the human body and... Read more
Whats Up With Mercury in our Food?
We all know that adding fish to our diets can help increase our body’s ability to repair itself, as well as its ability to burn body fat and keep our energy up, but it’s important to choose fish that’s also going to improve your health as opposed to silently... Read more
Omega 3 it To Reduce Inflammation
Omega 3(Omega-3) is also known as Fatty Acids. Omega-3, derived from ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) is described as essential as, like vitamins, it must be obtained from diet. According to the human nutrition, the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are considered much more valuable... Read more
What is Metabolic Syndrome?
Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Conditions like increased blood pressure, elevated insulin levels, excess body fat around the waist or abnormal cholesterol levels are not diagnosed as metabolic syndrome, but they do contribute to the... Read more
Causes and Treatment of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is a type of uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that can develop in one of several areas of the breast, including the ducts that carry milk to the nipple, the small sacs that produce milk (lobules) and the nonglandular tissue. Breast Cancer is estimated that 192,200 women... Read more
Ways to Make Alkaline Diet Benefit You
The premise of an alkaline diet is that the nutrients found in supplements, alkalizing foods, and water can bring the body back to balance. These vitamins, minerals, and herbs infuse the body with new energy, vitality, and better health. Alkaline foods and water must be consumed in order to... Read more
Heart Healthy Diet

Heart Healthy Diet

Diet June 4, 2012

Heart disease runs in my family. In fact, based on the medical research, it runs in a lot of families. Some of the things I have learned over the years are that you can be in control and take preventative measures against heart disease. Many of the contributing factors... Read more
Fish Oil is Good

Fish Oil is Good

Diet June 4, 2012

The research in support of dietary omega-3 fatty acids (such as in fish oils) continues to flood the scientific literature. This is perfectly predictable given our genetic roots. In the wild, eating natural raw foods, we would be consuming large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids daily. But today, on... Read more
Medical Benefits from Shark Cartilage
Shark cartilage is made up of mainly collagen, amino acids, minerals and glycosaminoglycan. Shark cartilage contains over 40% pure collagen protein, plus essential and non-essential amino acids. These components are necessary for elasticity of the tissues, healing of cracked skin, torn ligaments and tendons and growth and rejuvenation of... Read more
Bee Pollen is Nature’s Most Complete Food
  Bee Pollen is often referred to as nature’s most complete food. Human consumption of Bee Pollen is praised in the Bible, other religious books, and ancient Egyptian and Chinese texts. It has long been prescribed by traditional health practitioners for its healing properties. Bee Pollen’s ability to consistently... Read more
Causes and Treatment of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is a type of uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that can develop in one of several areas of the breast, including the ducts that carry milk to the nipple, the small sacs that produce milk (lobules) and the nonglandular tissue. Breast Cancer is estimated that 192,200 women... Read more
Stretching Before You Work Out
For those of you eager to get out there and start losing weight you must remember to stretch your muscles to get to most out of your workout and most importantly to prevent injury and pain.  Every professional athlete knows for sure this fact as they warm up before... Read more
Is Shark Oil Good For You?
  Yes it is and I’m not talking about rubbing on your skin either, although that really is good for your skin as well as your skin absorbs some of the nutrients in the oil.  For decades fishermen on the coast and on islands have been using shark oil... Read more
Is Microwaved Food Really Healthy?
  For the better part of 40 years microwave ovens have been a homemaker and cooks best friend.  Try to think back to a time that you did not use them to heat up a cup of coffee or pop that great and buttery popcorn that’s ready in minutes... Read more
How Healthy and Fit is Facebook For You?
It seems that everyone and their neighbor is on Facebook nowadays and with parents having less and less control over their kids online time those numbers will just keep going up.  One study has revealed that 50 percent of Americans over the age of 12 now have Facebook profiles... Read more
It is Easy Being Cheesy
  For countless decades and generations cheese has bonded family dinner tables with awesome simple recipes that left many asking for seconds.   One of the most sought after dairy products cheese give off a great flavor, color, texture along with many health benefits.  Cheese can derive from not only... Read more
Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly Good For You?
  Collected from bees as they enter the hive bee pollen is actually pollen from flowers.   These pollen granules stick to the bee’s body parts and legs as they help themselves to nectar inside the flowers. Bee pollen has been called the perfect food as it contains all of... Read more
Asian Food Best For Weight Loss
  Asian foods have always been a great take out idea or dining idea but turning it into a daily diet choice with its fresh vegetables, seaweed, fruits and fresh meats and fish with its healthy oils can make all the difference in your weight loss efforts and give... Read more
Best Foods for Burning Ugly Belly Fat
  For many of us out there unwanted belly fat appears to be a concrete fact of life.  With the prevalence and saturation of fast foods all around us the temptation to over snack on unhealthy foods is just too much and with other factors like stress and sedentary... Read more
Basic Exercises To Get You Back In Shape
If your still sitting on the fence about when and how to get back into shape there are some quick and easy ways to go about it without having to get a gym membership or even an in-home gym.   There are a few types of exercises that you can... Read more
A Deeper look into The Latest Fruit Juice Scare
  Everywhere you look now it seems that there is a warning on drinking fruit juices and rightfully so as commercial fruit juices contain very large amounts of additives, preservatives and procedures that all but neutralized any nutrition contained in the fruits.   The commercial way to make fruit juice... Read more
Get Rid if Bad Breath
Bad is a common problem amongst people today and begin in the mouth as the most common result being poor dental hygiene and also can stem from an internal infection such as in the lungs or sinuses and even kidney failure or a malfunction of the liver.  Any of... Read more
Give Caffeine The Boot For Good
  Are you caffeine junky?  Caffeine in any of its forms whether is it coffee and soda product is one of the primary socially accepted addictive drugs that a person might incorrectly feel is not a serious problem but in reality is. For decades scientist have accepted that caffeine... Read more
Is Viagra Really Good For You?
Before Viagra showed up on the scene billions upon billions of people were conceived without any help at all from heavy psychotropic drugs or in other words Viagra.  You rarely would ever hear about anyone having a problem with their sexual performance or longevity of an erection.  But with... Read more
Why Lunch Is the Key To Keeping Your Metabolism going Right
  Many out there think that by skipping lunch that they will be losing some ounces around the waistline or helping their diets in some way but sadly the illusion becomes a reality when the hunger pangs begin and the urge to wolf down a fast food burger becomes... Read more
To Juice Or Not To Juice
  Ahhhh, the refreshing taste of a cold tropical fresh juice drink.  Overwhelming at times the desire overtakes some to the point of buying cases of fruit juices but sadly they are polluting their body’s with unhealthy juice concentrates that will damage their systems.  By taking that extra time... Read more
Understanding Vinyasa vs. Hatha Yoga

Today’s yoga studios abound with class options, many of which are identified by outlandish names that may perplex and overwhelm the aspiring practitioner. Our yoga of the twenty first century is not the same rigidly interpreted science that Patanjali laid out thousands of years ago in the Yoga Sutras…

Read more
Tips for Dry Skin

Tips for Dry Skin

Medical March 27, 2012

by Staff writer Eddy Barillas For many out there dry skin can be rough and dull in appearance as some are born with dry skin while others develop it over time due to many different factors.   One big problem with dry skin is that it ages faster than normal... Read more
Dangers of Comercial Sunscreens
by Staff writer Eddy Barillas Well that time of the year is before us once again and the need for many of us to go out and bask in the warm and refortifying rays of the sun is overwhelming at times to the point of keeping us in the... Read more
Reason Why That Latest Diet May Not Be Working
  So you been skipping meals for a week now and being a stickler for portions controls and you feel that you are eating less and less every day and diligently working out day after day 6 days per week and yet you have not lost one single pound.  ... Read more
Part 5 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring
After you have exited the waters you carefully walk over to your tank area and slowly sit down so that the tank can enter its holding dock.   Every one on the boat is giddy with pleasure and gathering around the all-knowing Divemaster to ask questions about the different kind... Read more
Part 4 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring
From Part 3 … You lay back and feel the warm sun and the cool air hitting your body and you smile that smile once again.  The boat gently rocks as the boat captain turns up that smooth head rocking reggae tune.   After you have finished your surface... Read more
Is Pasture Organic Grass Fed Beef a Superfood and Good For You?
  Red meat has always gotten a bad rap especially for those of us who grew up in the 80’s when it was literary made to be a silent killer that caused heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.  Red meat in culinary terms is used to define meat,... Read more
Simply Kendi

Simply Kendi

Featured March 16, 2012

Hey Guys! Well…where to start? I’m a small town girl always have been and always will be. Growing up, I wasn’t usually found hanging out with all the girls but instead with my neighborhood “little boyfriend” playing sports.

Everyday after school we would play basketball, golf, kickball, soccer, softball…you name it we played it until the sun went down. I started playing team and league sports at a young age and I carried those skills with me as I entered middle school, high school and eventually college. It’s funny, I actually have a Degree in Fashion Design Textile & Apparel, Business Management and a minor in

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Random and Informative Health Facts
It’s always good to inform yourself with health information as our bodies need some kind of guidelines in order to get the most out of your body healthily.   When you buy a television you get an owners manual in order to work it properly and not damage it and... Read more
Simple Steps For Better Digestion
  There are many simple ways in which you can aid your digestive organs to get the most out of what you eat.  You can eat the best of every food but if you have weak digestive organs you will not be able to get the most nutrients out... Read more
Interesting Facts About Your Nails and Hair
Although not a living part of our body many people spend a decent amount of their day caring and watching over their nails and hair.  And although some of these many sound like myths or superstitions there is a lot of logic behind it and should be paid attention... Read more
Cool Facts About Your Brain
Out of all of the organs in the human body the human brain can be considered the star of the show for without it you can forget it literary but really folks our brains are the most complex and yet least understood part of the human body.    For instance... Read more
Eat Your Veggies, Live Long
  Love them or hate them veggies will always be the most health promoting food group on this earth as they contain wonderfully good components like antioxidants, fiber and strong phytochemicals.  Getting people and most importantly kids to eat their vegies basically come down to presentation, the better and... Read more
Crazy and Interesting Health Facts
Health is a part of our lives and there are many facts some obscure that are fascinating, informative and funny.  So without any further ado here are some crazy and interesting health facts that should inform and entertain you.   Redheads require up to 20% more anesthesia to be... Read more
Increase your Metabolism to Lose Weight
  Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. One of the best and smartest ways to shed those extra pounds off is to increase your metabolism.  Calories are the fuel that powers your internal engine and as everyone knows the more calories you burn during... Read more
Food to Eat During an Injury
The most frustrating thing in an athlete’s life has got to be an injury as it pretty much takes all the fun and motivation out of whatever it was that you were doing whether playing a sport or exercising or both and although the path to recovery may have... Read more
When to Choose Heat or Ice in a Sports Injury
By Staff Writer: Ed Barillas Working out and doing athletics is wonderful but when you sustain an painful injury it is often quite difficult to determine whether heat or ice treatment will do the best job in relieving pain, muscle spasms and swelling.  The use of heat may prolong... Read more
It’s Time to Detox That Liver
If you’re looking to clean out your liver or maybe you have to be around smokers for business purposes and gatherings then you came to the right page. A bloated stomach and fatigue are some effects that cigarette smoke produces on a person’s body.  In today’s world which tends... Read more
What is a Good Breakfast to Have?
On a recent trip to Japan to attend a wedding I was horrified then impressed to learn that the breakfast eaten there has nothing with the type of breakfast eaten in the state and the end results were quite evident as I hardly ever saw any fat or obese... Read more
Fun Ways to Turn Exercise into a Habit
There’s no rule that says you have to go to a gym or buy equipment or that says that exercise has to be strenuous and painstaking long.   You have to be able to shift your perception of exercise as being regimented to exercise being a physical activity that can... Read more
Unhealthy Snacks are Damaging our Kids Health
  A recent study in a health journal has shown that our kids are addicted to junk food and are getting bigger and hungrier by the minute.  Kids nowadays have three extra meals per day in the form of unhealthy snacks, mostly composed of utter junk food and junk... Read more
Living Healthy Equals a Healthy Prostate
Having a healthy lifestyle has many great benefits and for men it can make all the difference between having a healthy and an unhealthy prostate.  Prostate cancer can be cured if detected early but if left alone can turn into an incurable Sickness once it has metastasized outside the... Read more
Wanna Loss Weight?  Eat Avocados
  Losing weight has always been a challenge to many and keeping it off a much bigger challenge to others and those of us who are determined to lose it are often willing to spend money on gym memberships, equipment and supplements that can help us burn calories and... Read more
What is a Stroke?

What is a Stroke?

Medical March 9, 2012

A brain stroke is the second leading cause of death and is responsible for 4.5 million deaths per year.  Stroke is also the number 3 cause of death in the Unites states right behind heart disease and cancer and affects more than 3 quarters of a million Americans annually.... Read more
Artificial Sweeteners Will Damage your Diet Plans
  An artificial sweetener is a sugar substitute that imitates the taste of sugar with a lot less food energy with many more times the sweetness of sucrose.  The problem is that with all the additives that artificial sweeteners have it has been known to distort the body’s natural... Read more
Part 3 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring
You are then slowly guided upwards and sideways over the reef to explore more of the colors of the reef and sand patches and on you continue until you get to around 30 feet where you will spend the remainder of your Bottom Time hanging around visiting and gliding... Read more
Part 2 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring
After this two-day First Aid course you go on to the Divemaster course, which entails around two to three months of on site training at an actual dive center or resort and you learn to guide and watch over scuba fun divers who are out to explore the reefs... Read more
Use phytochemical power with noni fruit

So how can you get enough of these powerful chemicals for building good health? Plant scientists from the US Department of agriculture started to study the noni plant and discovered that the reason for it’s amazing health building power is that it contains more phytochemicals both in number and variety than any other plant…

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Part 1 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring
Scuba diving is a great and wonderfully healthy sport and can be taken advantage of by practically anyone from the age of 8 to 100 plus and having lived in the Caribbean islands for over 15 years and living and diving in the scuba dive world I have personally... Read more
How poverty effects diet and poor fitness

As a volunteer working with the very poor I frequently encounter other volunteers and missionaries that have come to offer their help. One day a missionary asked me, as a nurse, why the women were so heavy. He said that it’s difficult to find sponsors to help families when they see pictures of adorable small children with their over weight mothers standing behind them…

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Kidney Good Foods

Kidney Good Foods

Diet March 1, 2012

  Having good kidney functions is always a good thing and the better that you can take care of them the better that they will take care of you in the long run.  Each day your kidneys process around 200 quarts of blood to sift out around 2 quarts... Read more
Truth about colon cancer

Truth about colon cancer

Health February 27, 2012

Although the cause of colon cancer is still unsure there are many ways in which you can avoid this perhaps by a lifestyle change or clinical.  Screening is also a good way to detect any cancerous growths as an undetected growth can go for several years before it actually... Read more
The greatest of all healing plants, Aloe Vera
  Aloe Vera is once again attracting attention as it can provide many great benefits to our lifestyle and health and without any ill side effects.  Aloe Vera is a great and wonderful plant full of surprises as it contains over 75 active ingredients including vitamins, calcium, minerals, sugars,... Read more
Eating breakfast can keep you fit
  Breakfast should be the single most important meal of the day.  It replenishes our body with essential nutrients and liquids that we need in order to function properly.  Sadly many people out there cite excuses like “I’m not hungry in the morning” or “I just don’t have the... Read more
Tips on Preventing Baldness
  Hair loss in no laughing matter as ones appearance remains imperfect and incomplete without hair.  Baldness also known as alopecia results from hair loss and the first signs of baldness may cause a person to retreat and hide from embarrassment and may also give your confidence a shattering... Read more
Top massage therapies

Top massage therapies

Health February 27, 2012

One of the oldest forms of medical care which can be applied to fitness and relaxation is massage therapy which is basically a therapeutic technique that involves the manipulation of the soft tissues of the human body.   It produces a calming effect by the process of pressing, kneading and... Read more
Music to heal the body and soul
The idea of using music as a healing influence dates back to ancient times and in today’s modern world, music for therapy came to be more widely known when musicians played for war veterans to cure them of physical and emotional trauma. Since the response was well and results... Read more
Treat hypertension naturally
Finding a natural way to treat your hypertension can be quite confusing in today’s market with chemical pills to treat just about anything out there.  But doing things the natural way will always be the best alternative and I today’s world sometimes the best medicines are the old and... Read more
Alcohol and aging

Alcohol and aging

Diet February 22, 2012

  Its has been shown that alcohol can have a much stronger effect on older people as when people age their bodies absorb alcohol more freely.  There are many reasons for this as  a body’s water ratio decreases when it ages so there is less water to dilute the... Read more
Getting rid of leg cramps
A leg cramp usually happens due to a muscle spam when it contracts too much and mostly occurs in a calf muscle behind and below the knee and can usually last from a few minutes to a few seconds but have been known to last for up to 10... Read more
Healthy skin tips

Healthy skin tips

Health February 22, 2012

We all want that healthy skin that is forever advertised on television, websites and magazines so knowing how to get it naturally can benefit you greatly.  Your skin needs water in order for it to function best, thus doctors and nutritionists suggest that a daily intake of between 6... Read more
Common jogging errors

Common jogging errors

Fitness February 22, 2012

Running should be a great enjoyable and stress-free activity but many runners experience pain and discomfort because of wrong gear, form, and hydration.  Many runners have a favorite pair of running shoes they do not want to give up but running shoes need to be changed every 300-400 miles,... Read more
Don’t smoke but those around you do heres some good tips on detoxifying yourself
A reader recently asked a good question, she said,” I’m thinking about starting a detoxification as I have been eating out a lot and often have to eat out with smokers for business and since lately I have had a bloated stomach and have also been feeling loaded down... Read more
Tips of treating flu and colds naturally
Well with the cold and flu season upon us it’s always good to have not only a warm cup of hot chocolate but a good and natural way to treat and get rid of the fevers and sniffles.  Of course many people run to the medicine cabinet to pull... Read more
Hyperactivity caused in children due to a coal tar derivative found in many processed foods

How would it make you feel if you found out that you were feeding your kids foods with coal tar? Well, if your kids are eating cheese flavored chips and Cheetos, and other foods which are artificially colored with yellow and orange colors, also carbonated sodas and pickles, they are unknowingly ingesting an industrial wasted derived chemical called tartrazine or better known as Yellow #5, which is now being linked to hyperactivity in kids. In studies done in early 2000 researchers found that hyperactivity in kids was due to the food coloring and additives used in foods sold to children.

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Cut your cholesterol with these easy tips
  A diet low in cholesterol is one of the surest way to improving not only your cholesterol but your peace of mind as well as many scientific studies have linked low cholesterol diets to depression impulsive behavior such as suicide and violence. By avoiding foods high in saturated... Read more
Tai Chi great for your heart
No pain no gain has been the staple saying when working out but while the benefits of aerobics and heavy lifting are real there are some good news for those looking for a softer and less strenuous way to keep themselves fit.  The ancient practice of Tai Chi has... Read more
Unhealthy effects of loud music
We all love to hear a good tune even loud at times in the privacy of your home or car but did you know that listening to music which is too loud for prolonged periods can not only do permanent damage to your ears but to your mind and... Read more
Quick and easy ways to ease gas and bloating
  Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed at times from bloating and gas?  This effect is caused by an abnormal swelling and or increase in the diameter of the abdominal area and is triggered by a person dietary ingestion of foods and liquids. What you eat will... Read more
Tips to fix stomach ulcers

Tips to fix stomach ulcers

Diet February 15, 2012

  Getting the runs can be quite embarrassing and finding a place to go even more embarrassing and discomforting.  Medication, eating everyday foods, and even stress can cause this uncomfortable effect but one should also be mindful to consider other underlying medical conditions that may be causing this. The... Read more
Chase that diarrhea away naturally
Getting the runs can be quite embarrassing and finding a place to go even more embarrassing and discomforting.  Medication, eating everyday foods, and even stress can cause this uncomfortable effect but one should also be mindful to consider other underlying medical conditions that may be causing this. The good... Read more
Better breathing under stress means making better decisions
In today’s fast paced business before pleasure environment with people moving in all different directions while texting and or drinking loads of Starbucks coffee the ability to think clearly and make good sound decisions is diminished by a simple and very familiar culprit… breathing.   Yes the way you breath... Read more
Super salad to your rescue
“The addition of superfoods in your salads will make a big dent in your waistline” Prep Time:  20 minutes Serves 4 Ingredients: 4 salmon, tuna or snapper fish fillets marinated for 10 minutes in a large mixing bowl or flat baking dish filled with a mixture of 4 tablespoons... Read more
Quick and healthy ways to get your constipation behind you
  People from all walks of life are at one time or another crippled by constipation due to bad eating habits and overstressed lifestyles.   The practice of relying on fast food to get you by in your daily schedule in today’s fast paced world and demanding schedules has become... Read more
The American Dietetic Association soon to have monopoly on Nutrition
  Legislative bills are being passed in states like West Virginia, California, Colorado, Indiana and New York to restrict nutritional services and counseling to only registered dieticians which means that qualified nutritionist would no longer be allowed to become licensed and no longer be able to provide nutritional counseling.... Read more
Eating energizing snacks can keep you going all day
The majorities of snacks out in today’s market contains very little nutritional value and are mostly good for short unhealthy burst of energy which leave you more tired that you usually would be and can damage your health in the long run.  These snacks may satisfy you for a... Read more
Top ways to boost your memory with the right foods
  Tired of forgetting why you walked into a certain room?  Or being embarrassed when trying in vain to remember a person name?  Well there are many ways to keep your memory sharp by eating the right foods. Eat lots of fatty fish which are high in omega-3’s and... Read more
Your eyes need a good workout too
The use of eyeglasses or contacts is common everywhere and in all walks of life but looking for options to them have always been hard to find and in some circles it is believed that a persons eyesight will deteriorate during the course of one’s life.  This is not... Read more
Diet for healthy skin

Diet for healthy skin

Diet February 2, 2012

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying ‘you are what you eat’ well what you put into our body really will have a lot to do with how healthy, glowing, smooth and vibrant your skin will be.  All said and done the better quality of food that you eat... Read more
Quick and fit way to lower your blood pressure
Two words, flavonoids and anthocynins.  Easy right, well these substances can be found in berries specifically blueberries and are accredited with lowering ones blood pressure and can be very helpful in preventing diabetes, heart disease, stroke and premature aging.   By eating a full cup of berries three to four... Read more
Ice cold soda your drink of choice, you may want to rethink that
Do you enjoy an ice cold soda with the delicious burning sensation at the end that leaves you satisfied and rejuvenated?  Well sadly there are chemicals being put into our soft drinks that are not only bad for us but potentially life threatening. Right off the bat carbonated sodas... Read more
Smarten up your diet against Acid Reflux
Heartburn affects over 40 percent of Americans today and finding a way to avoid it and get rid off can take a huge load off of you literary.  One very common cause of acid reflux disease is a stomach abnormality named a hiatal hernia which happens when the upper... Read more
What’s in that bottled water your drinking?
  What’s best to drink after a good and hard work out, water right? Well the type of water that you are drinking may not be good for you if it’s bottled.  For decades the bottled water industry has promoted an image of purity, health and just plain good... Read more
Pesticides found in Monsanto’s cigarette tobacco leaves

Genetically engineered pesticides have been found in cigarettes which are made by Monsanto. For those of you who don’t know the giant Monsanto is the chemical/food company which made Agent Orange during the Vietnam war and is a major toxic pesticide that was used destroying the peasants vegetation and killing the Vietcong and unfortunately many villagers as well and many GI’s also came home and also died from

Read more
How safe is microwaved foods?
Heating food up in the microwave is as American as apple pie and a vast array of microwaved foods recipes are popping up all over and many are taking advantage of the quick and easy ways to prepare their foods.  Well sadly the problem with microwaved foods is that... Read more
That freshly squeezed boxed OJ may not be fresh or natural at all
Although the cartons may say freshly squeezed or not from concentrate that juice actually sat in large vats for more than a year before being shipped out to stores.  Big juice companies store their juices in large vats for storage and to remove any oxygen from the juice to... Read more
Multiple Sclerosis may have simple cure
Multiple Sclerosis has long been treated life as a lifelong debilitating nerve degeneration.  The disease affects around 3 million people around the world always causing mental and physical disabilities that can destroy any quality of life for those with this disease MS. It has long been known and accepted... Read more
CDC states that Mothers should cease breast feeding to boost rotavirus vaccines efficacy
The notion of withholding breast milk from newborn infants in order to accommodate the rotavirus is insane at the very least as this will deprive the newborn of vital nutrition and proper immune development and put them at risk for later health problems in life. Researchers from the Center... Read more
What’s in Breast milk?

What’s in Breast milk?

Health January 23, 2012

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strongly recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life and that the mother continues breastfeeding for at least 12 months.  The process of breast feeding is not only good for the baby but for the mother as well.  For newborns it... Read more
Cancer drugs turn tumors into deadlier agents

While chemotherapy probably shrinks or kills tumors they may in the long run be causing malignancies to grow deadly in the outcome. There are various drugs and therapies including radiation and chemotherapy that have been unleashed on these deadly tumors and there is a great concern among many that these can actually be weakening a person’s immune system’s ability to combat them. The concern as to whether dead cancer cells can be triggered to spread to other parts of the body belongs to scientist at the University of

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Fun Health Facts to Think About
Health and fitness is not all about being serious and following a serious regime but should be fun and knowing more fun facts about it can make your attitude all the better when it’s time to work out or go for that daily walk.  Here are some fun facts... Read more
The ABCD’s of old age

The ABCD’s of old age

Health January 18, 2012

“Now showing up in younger people” Yes the golden years should be the best for many but unfortunately bad diets, unhealthy lifestyles,  genes or not enough exercise has caused many to feel the aches and pains of old age all the more and for many sooner than expected.  To... Read more
Don’t strap up every time
by Adam Signoretta Stop wasting time with wrist curls and forearm exercises to get a grip. Want to have forearms that will make Popeye look like a 7 year-old child?  How do you do it?  Simple – ditch the wrist straps.  You do not have to get rid of... Read more
Did you know that dogs can be good for your health?
I am not talking about hot dogs either nor actually eating a dog, but owning one.   Yes having a Fido around can actually be good for your health and fitness state.  If you had to choose over having a dog or a cat you would be better off getting... Read more
3 Tips for a clean and glowing face
Young or old you can always have a shinning, clean and glowing face if you adhere to a few guidelines and most importantly, stick to them.  You actually have a great deal of control over the overall health of your facial skin and it all boils down to how... Read more
Hot Chicken Stew
“Ready in an hour great for these cold and wintery days” Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 45 minutes Ingredients 3 chicken breast with ribs cut into quarters 2 stalks celery cut in chunks 2 large carrots, peeled, cut in chunks 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 medium... Read more
Death in babies linked to infant formula and the FDA barely launches an investigation

The Associated Press (AP) announced that the chain store Wal-Mart willfully decided to pull the formula Enfamil Newborn from its shelf’s after a recent newborn in Missouri died of a rare bacterial infection caused by Cronobacter sakazakii which is usually fatal in newborn under one year of age. “We decided it was best to remove the product until we learn more,” said Dianna Gee, a spokeswoman from Wal-Mart.

The recalled batches were Enfamil Newborn powdered formula cans which were to be found in over 3,000 Wal-marts in the Unites States. The FDA after receiving the finding from Wal-Mart

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Natural ways to deter the winter blues without medical drugs
Winter for many means cold dark mornings followed by overcast cold days leading to cold and dark nights.  This alone is enough to drive anyone into a fit of depression and with the added stress of the average workday this can lead to depression and the continued cycle that... Read more
Just because you’re thin doesn’t mean you’re healthy
It’s not your total overall weight that counts in your quest to stay fit but the traits of that weight, the amount of fat and where it lies in your body that counts.  Well scientists at the Mayo Clinic have uncovered what is really behind this recent statement.  They... Read more
Tips to alleviating that chesty cough
Colds and coughs are very normal around this time of year and with the added stress of the holiday grind they just seem to last forever.  This is also particularly troublesome as this condition may lower your immune system and thus leave you more susceptible for other viruses that... Read more
Find Us On Facebook

Find Us On Facebook

Contact December 23, 2011

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Do you suffer from excessive sweating?
Are you one of the many people who are experiencing more than the regular amount of sweat?  Excessive sweating can create many embarrassing situations that can leave you looking for any kind of remedy that will aid you. Aside from genetics a person lifestyle can have a lot to... Read more
Is your low testosterone level keeping you out of shape?
Having a low testosterone can result in many complicated health issues resulting in a low immunity level, hair loss, brain and heart complications. Men with a lower Testosterone level can experience a decrease in sexual interest as they experience less erections, a reduction in sperm and a lack of... Read more
Green tea can reduce fat on your body
The word out there is that green tea can reduce fat accumulation and thus reduce your body weight.  The fat targeted by this tea seems to be the one that hangs around your waistline so this is apparently great news for those seeking to shed those extra ounces or... Read more
Top Headache Triggers

Top Headache Triggers

Health December 16, 2011

Tired of that old pounding debilitating migraine or less painful headache?  You’d be surprised at how easy it is to treat and prevent headaches in the future and it can all be done throughout your normal everyday chores.  Herein are some things that may trigger your next headache. Of... Read more
Boost your Health with the SUN
Getting the proper amount of sunlight can make all the difference in your health, fitness and peace of mind and knowing more about the direct benefits from the sun will help and lead you along a much healthier lifestyle. First off a moderate tan will actually be good for... Read more
Fun Fitness Activities to Cure and Keep Away Those Winter Blues
Have you been wondering about what you could do to stay fit during these cold winter days when you have to basically stay indoors or brave the chilling air or go to the gym?  Unless you live in Puerto Rico or Honolulu chances are you’re not getting out as... Read more
Wanna live longer and have better sex?  Just stop smoking
Anyway you look at it smoking is just bad for you.  Yes it may relieve stress or buy you that extra few seconds when thinking of something to say but for what’s its worth, smoking kills. Did you know that soon after you quit smoking your pulse and blood... Read more
Gingerbread Cookies
“Easy to prepare and bake and delicious and yummy to eat” Ingredients 1 ½ cup butter, softened 2 eggs free range 1 ½  cups brown sugar 2 tablespoons dark corn syrup 1  tablespoons orange zest 3 ½ cups all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon ground ginger 2... Read more
When’s the best time to get your protein?
The question has been asked since the invention of the barbell, when is the best time to take your protein to get the best out of your workout?  A sure thing to do is to take your protein immediately after your workout in the form of whey isolated protein... Read more
Ginseng Facts

Ginseng Facts

Diet December 9, 2011

The root ginseng actually resembles the human body and is part of the reason that this wonderful plant is revered throughout China as a revitalize for the entire body and the word in Latin Panax actually means all healing.  In the last century ginseng has become one of the... Read more
5 smart things to do when you are diagnosed with diabetes
When your body is not able to use the glucose which is produced by the foods that you eat then you are most likely to develop type 2 diabetes which is caused by your body’s tolerance to glucose.  While there is a direct correlation between obesity and diabetes this... Read more
Your metabolism and ways to boost it
Fitness can provide strength, stamina and flexibility to the body for proper functioning and health and can prepare the body for the physical necessities of your daily life.  Fitness and the well balanced diet proper diet can perfect and prepare the body and keep it fined tuned for whatever... Read more
6 Top ways to have fun and stay fit
Where does it say that staying fit has to be painful and excruciating?  There are many fun ways to stay fit or to get back in shape so you can enjoy a healthy style of life without ache full body pains or chin splints from heavy aerobics.  While a... Read more
Laughter: the best Therapy
Many have said over the years that laughter is the best medicine and while many of us definitely agree with this statement very few of us actually know that this really is the best medicine and best of all its free or at least the price of a good... Read more
Ayurveda for Treating Hypertension
While pharmaceutical companies extract active ingredients from plants and sell them as drugs the benefits of natural medicinal plants cannot be replaced because their synergic combinations cannot be duplicated or reproduced in laboratories so this is why Ayurveda is so important to help you in your stress reduction techniques.... Read more
Change up your workouts for fitness and fun

It’s so important to switch up your workouts. It’s easy to forget or get comfortable with certain lifts and continue to do the same things day in and day out at the gym…

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5 Reasons why Senior Citizens should do Yoga
Many older Americans in this day and age are able to experience a higher and better quality of life due not only to their constant activity but also by preserving function and independence. They are also taking an approach to their own health with exercises that focus on low... Read more
What foods can help you fall asleep?
Sleep disorders have become the latest unwanted trend everywhere you look as people are having problem falling asleep and others having an inability to stay asleep and experiencing the bad side effects of poor sleep.  There are three major causes for one having a proper night’s sleep which are... Read more
Lower your Stress with Food

Lower your Stress with Food

Diet November 16, 2011

Have you been feeling stressed out lately?  Between work and trying to managing your families and kids hectic schedule one can become quite exasperated and helpless as the waves of stress can easily wash over you and leave you feeling worn out and ready to snap.  Well there are... Read more
Christmas Hot Apple Cider
“Just wonderful on its own ” Ingredients   10 cups fresh apple cider ½ cup pure maple syrup (more or less, to taste) 3 cinnamon sticks 4 whole cloves 8 strips orange peel 8 strips lemon peel 1/2 stick butter 1 half stick cinnamon for garnish For adults add... Read more
“This is a great one with or without the booze”  Ingredients 10 eggs 5 cups milk 2 ½ cups heavy cream 1 1/2 cups sugar 2 teaspoons ground nutmeg 1 teaspoons cinnamon ½ teaspoon ginger 1 teaspoons grounded cloves ½ teaspoon sea salt for adult drinking add from 3... Read more
Chef Ed’s Christmas Pecan Pie
“This will be a hit even when everyone has had enough” Prep Time: 10 minutes Baking Time: 45 minutes 1/2 cup dark brown sugar 3/4 cup dark corn syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ½ teaspoon cinnamon ½ teaspoon freshly grated ginger 3 tablespoon butter  melted 3 large eggs 1 ¾  cup pecan halves toasted... Read more
Chef Ed’s Christmas Pumpkin Pie
“This delicious recipe will have you making this pie for any occasion” Ingredients: 2 cups pureed pumpkin fresh or canned 3 eggs 1 1/4 cups evaporated milk 1 teaspoon pure vanilla essence 3/4 cup brown sugar 1 ½ teaspoon cinnamon 3/4 teaspoon freshly grated ginger 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves 1/2 teaspoon ground... Read more
Chef Ed’s Christmas Turkey Stuffing
“The delicious flavor of the sage really stands out in this classic recipe” Ingredients 3 –cups French bread cut into cube size bits 1 large white onion chopped 1 clove garlic peeled and finely diced 1 bunch celery washed and chopped do not include the stem base 1 teaspoon... Read more
Cranberry Sauce
“Grandpa loved this recipe and ate it every chance he got” Ingredients 1 cup white sugar 1 cup  water 2 tablespoons butter 4 cups (1 12-oz package) fresh or frozen cranberries Method Wash and pick over cranberries. In a medium size saucepan bring water and sugar to a boil... Read more
Sex abuse scandal at Penn State Gets worse
Accused serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky is in the news again.  The heinous scandal that has rocked Penn State involving Jerry Sandusky with charges of child abuse, and the firing of Joe Paterno the legendary Penn State football coach and the removal of Graham Spanier Penn State president continues with... Read more
Self test to see if you are Hypoglycemic?
Do you suspect that you are hypoglycemic?  How is it possible to find out for sure if you’re hypoglycemic?  Well, there are three main things that you can do to find out if you have this disease, first off you need to do a self diagnose based on a... Read more
Chef Ed’s Christmas Apple Pie
This is the mother of all apple pie recipes” Prep Time: 15 minutes Baking Time: 20-25 minutes Ingredients 4 green Golden delicious apples peeled-decored and cut in thin slices 3/4 cup brown sugar 3 table spoons freshly squeezed lime juice with pulp 1/2 teaspoons sea salt 2 teaspoon cinnamon... Read more
Are you having digestive disorders?
A reader recently sent in a very important question where he has basically complained about having digestive disorders for the last three months, he says,” I have been suffering from a burning sensation in my esophagus and abdominal pains, what can cause this and what should I do about... Read more
When is it a good time to check your Kid’s Cholesterol?
How young is too young?  Well a panel of doctors is advising that every child be tested for cholesterol from the ages of 9 to 11 to deter the onset of cardiovascular disease in the future. This may sound odd for a parent with today’s fast food diets consisting... Read more
Penn State Sex Scandal

The Penn State sex scandal continues to form massive ripples through the campus at the Penn State University campus. The former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky is charged with sexually abusing young boys under that age of consent 15 years ago on and around the Penn State campus. The root of these allegations stem from the association that Sandusky has with the organization the he founded which is a non-profit called the Second Mile

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Up you Calcium intake Lower your chances of Osteoporosis
Did you know that the diet that you presently have is probably depleting the bones in your body of important nutrients and also increasing your chances of developing osteoporosis?  Well all these new and promising quick weight loss diets that continually dangle but never deliver its promised weight loss... Read more
Choosing the Right Deodorant that will nourish and Heal your Body
Did you know that sweat in and of itself is odorless?  But when released from the body a bacterium forms to break up the sweat and it is really the bacteria that will cause your body odor. Why Do we perspiration and excrete body odor?  Well underarm perspiration is... Read more
How the Sun Effects our Emotions
The weather is a particularly large indicator as to how your mood will be affected and it is important to note that our moods like the tide can be affected by the weather.   Here we will take a look at how the sun can affect our emotions and our... Read more
Boost your Health with Tai Chi
According to a recent study in the Journal of American Medicine the practice of Tai Chi may improve quality of life, mood and memory of those practicing it.  Remember the old term no pain no gain?  Well many have thought in the past that you have to have strenuous... Read more
Healthy Antioxidant Benefits of Tea
Buddhist have long known about the healing power of tea from its powerful healing properties to the powerful antioxidants in green and black tea to the restorative properties of various herbal blends as a cup of tea nowadays is an important and strong part of everyday life for those... Read more
Easy Tips to Help You Deal with Arthritis Pain
As each day brings new challenges, coping with the pain and discomfort of arthritis can be overwhelming. Arthritis happens when the pressure absorbing cartilages at a joint break down, exposing bones to friction. This continuous friction between bones inflames the joint and causes pain. Pain thus is the primary... Read more
5 ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s disease is without a doubt one of the most stressful prognosis that a person can receive.  Alzheimer’s symptoms are debilitating at best but so serious for those with advanced stages of it that they do require full time care.  There are around 5 million people in the United... Read more
Chef Ed’s Hot Chocolate Madness
“With all this cold weather around its best to cuddle up with your favorite remote control and enjoy this deliciously tasty treat with the kids during these cold and wet days” Prep Time: 5 minutes Drinking Time: 3-60 minutes Ingredients 3/4 cup unsweetened dark cocoa 1 (14 ounce) can... Read more
Want whiter teeth?
Many have tried to find quick solutions in the quest for whiter teeth.  Well herein you will find the perfect solution and one that will guarantee you 100 percent whiter teeth even into your latter years. Nowadays you have different brushing techniques, fancy laser teeth whitening clinics, teeth whitening... Read more
Halliburton is sued over Cold War missile casing site
The company known as Halliburton which is the second largest oil field service corporation with operations in over 70 countries has been sued and faces a lawsuit over groundwater contamination and pollution close to a now closed facility in Oklahoma.  The facility was responsible for cleaning the missile casings... Read more
How Diet affects the Hair
By Ed Barillas Having problems with hair loss?  Are those gels and hair loss products actually losing you more hair?  Maybe be you should focus more on your diet instead of what you put on your hair. The human body needs a nutritional diet so that it can create... Read more
Green Bean Casserole
“It’s the dish everyone’s expecting on the holidays, and yet so simple to make” Preparation: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes Ingredients 3 tablespoons stick butter 1/2 cup onions finely diced 1/2 cup fresh mushrooms washed and sliced 2 cups whole green beans  De-stemmed 3 cloves garlic peeled then... Read more
Tips to getting a Better Night’s Sleep Tonight
By Ed Barillas Have you been having those nights where you continually toss and turn and constantly keep looking at the clock to see what time it is because you just cannot get to sleep?  Or do you keep waking up in the middle of the night and can’t... Read more
Healthy Tips for Staying Sniffle-Free This Fall and Winter
By Ed Barillas Well the summer is behind us for the most part and now it’s time to throw some logs in the fireplace, turn up the heat, grab a cozy comforter, wrap your hands around a hot cup of dark chocolate and curl up with your favorite remote... Read more
Change Your Attitude with Aromatherapy
By Ed Barillas Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to treat ailments and conditions ranging from such physical and emotional issues like headaches to infections to dry skin to acne to arthritis and asthma to name a few.  The essential oils of aromatherapy are extracted from aromatic plants,... Read more
Five Underrated Movements

Many gym rats will determine a man’s strength by asking “How much can you bench?” If this was the measure of a man we would all be in trouble …

Read more
What is Good Posture and How to Maintain it
What is good posture?  Well we all know that we should be upright.  May people think that to have good posture one must tense ones back and heave your chest in and up and putting your head back in to your chest.  Well this may not be the correct... Read more
The Nature of Sleep Apnea
Often gone undiagnosed doctors cannot detect sleep apnea during routine patient visits and there are no blood tests that can detect it.   The thing about sleep apnea is that it occurs in ones sleep and so easy to go unnoticed for many years as it usually takes a partner... Read more
Free Range Chicken Eggs Better than Soy Fed  Chicken Eggs

Soy is one of the least expensive proteins available today and it is a major part of the majority of animal feeds. These cheap soy proteins force the chickens to grow faster and lay the maximum amount of eggs.

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Don’t Blame Testosterone for Prostate Cancer

For many years we were concerned about giving men testosterone. The basis of this concern was that testosterone contributed to the development of prostate cancer. One piece of ‘evidence’ that testosterone causes prostate cancer was from the fact that eunuchs never developed prostate cancer.

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Acne Prevention Tips for Teens
For many teens that suffer from acne, the pursuit to acquire a clear complexion can be not only challenging for teens but also detrimental to their self esteem.  However with the right approach and preventive tactics your teen may avoid acne altogether that along with a good and healthy... Read more
Reaching Your Goal Physique Part 1 – Loosing Fat
by James Cant, IFBB Pro There are many aspects to getting in shape and looking your best, but one of the most important things I have found to remember is that achieving your goal physique will take time. Whether you want to lose 15 pounds of fat or stack... Read more
Working Out Before Work For Women
Ladies, lets take a look at your average day: your alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button a few times, then take a two minute shower to make up for sleeping in. You skip breakfast because you’re late and try to put on your makeup in the... Read more
How To Fix Muscle Imbalances
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer After exercising for a while, you might have noticed that one of your arms, chest pecs, legs, or that even one of your traps is bigger than the other. You also may have noticed that one of the others is stronger than the other.... Read more
V-Shape – The Perfect Body Shape
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer What makes this body shape the best is not just because the letter V is one of the coolest letters in the alphabet, but because it is truly the best muscle structure that you could ever have. It is the body shape that many... Read more
Monsanto’s Bee Problem Fix? GM Bees
by Jeff Clemetson, Editor When it comes to doubling down on bad science, bad environmental practices and bad policy, there truly is no one better at it than Monsanto. Despite the fact that every impartial study done on the subject points to the use of neonicotinoids as the main cause... Read more
Why the FDA Ban on Trans Fats is The Best Health News of 2013
by Jeff Clemetson, Editor Health and Fitness Talk thought it would be a good idea to look back at the top stories of 2013 and shine a light on the year in health. Although there were some modestly good news stories about health in America, like the obesity rates... Read more
Take Your Training To The Next Level – A 5K Run
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Have you ever thought about taking your running to another level? How about a new challenge experience like running a 5K? When you think about it in digits with the word miles followed after them, it may seem like something difficult to do, but... Read more
A Caution For Kettlebell Workouts
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer How well informed are you with what may be right and not for you when taking part in a workout routine especially that one of which you are new to but are very interested in participating in? You may be very tempted to using... Read more
The Health and Fitness Talk 2014 Resolution Guide
By Jeff Clemetson, Editor New Years is a time for making changes in our lives. For many of us, it is a time to make the kinds of changes that will bring greater health to our lives. We here at Health and Fitness Talk encourage people to be the... Read more
How To Live Longer & Live Better Senior Years
by Kimberly Allen, RN One thing that is not a national secret is the fact that as a society we are getting older.  In fact today there are more “old” people living in the world then at any other time in human history.  During  the reign of the Roman... Read more