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Basic Exercises To Get You Back In Shape Basic Exercises To Get You Back In Shape
If your still sitting on the fence about when and how to get back into shape there are some quick and easy ways to... Basic Exercises To Get You Back In Shape

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If your still sitting on the fence about when and how to get back into shape there are some quick and easy ways to go about it without having to get a gym membership or even an in-home gym.   There are a few types of exercises that you can easily include in your basic exercise program that include range of motion, endurance and strengthening.  By defining your goals and sticking to them you will be able to reach and surpass them on the road to a fitter healthier you.

First of there is the Range of Motion exercises which are designed to enhance the flexibility of your joints and they are also useful in reducing stiffness which allows the particular joint to move at ease through its entire range of motion.  Always keep in mind to never push past your pre set range of motion as this is one of the most common sports injury around and can cause a setback which will keep you on the couch for the next week.  These exercises can be as easy as stretching after you get up in the morning, I believe that cats and dogs are probably our best teachers in this subject as they are such wonderful examples to us when they get up after a long and lazy nap when they stretch that special stretch that would even make Budda envious.  It would not be a bad idea to even stretch before you get into bed as this will get all those kinks and sores out so that you can sleep tight and long.

Strengthening exercises are designed to increase your muscle capabilities and longevity.   There are two types of strengthening exercises that you can do keep you fit like isometric and isotonic, isometric meaning exercises that can tighten the muscles without joint motion and can be done in a static position or in other words staying in one position.  Isotonic on the other hand requires the motion of the joints to strengthen muscle motion and as you contract one muscle you use another muscle to actually do the exercise.

Endurance exercises are performed to improve stamina as this gives you the ability to exert yourself for long periods of time and are usually done through aerobic or anaerobic exercise which will improve the cardiovascular system and is awesome for weight control.

Of course a proper diet is crucially important in fueling and maintaining your exercise routine going and the better and more natural foods that you eat the better your body will respond so eat foods like:
Apples and almonds as they are the perfect pre workout food and the sugar load is basically moderate and contains lots of good pectin fiber which slows the entrance of the sugars into the bloodstream which give you sustained energy and keep hunger at bay and is a natural powerhouse loaded with lots of essential vitamins, minerals and wonderful antioxidants and when mixed with almonds can add great natural and good fat and protein.
Whey protein is great and is not only an extreme high quality protein but also supports the immune system by providing the building blocks for glutathione which is the best and most important antioxidant and studies have also shown that whey protein boost weight loss efforts.  By adding fruits like berries to your whey shake you will be adding essential fiber, carbs and nutrients to fuel your body during your workout.
Grapes and turkey are great as they contain the cancer fighting substance called selenium and a cup of grapes will give you carbs accompanied with phytochemicals.  The redder or more purple the fruit the more antioxidants that they contain.

By following these simple suggestion you will be able to get back in shape in no time and even better stay in shape and in good health.