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Acne Prevention Tips for Teens Acne Prevention Tips for Teens
For many teens that suffer from acne, the pursuit to acquire a clear complexion can be not only challenging for teens but also detrimental... Acne Prevention Tips for Teens

For many teens that suffer from acne, the pursuit to acquire a clear complexion can be not only challenging for teens but also detrimental to their self esteem.  However with the right approach and preventive tactics your teen may avoid acne altogether that along with a good and healthy diet, should help them steer away and focus more on schoolwork and other activities.

The problem is not only the low self esteem that your child may have but also the long term scaring that comes along with pimples that not only appear but that are constantly touched with unclean hands.  Start by washing your face once in the morning and then again in the evening before going to bed with a mild ph-balanced cleanser that is not perfumed or with many chemicals additives. Also avoid touching your face and but if you do, do so with thoroughly cleansed hands. Try not to squeeze any pimple as the bacteria in your hands can cause way more blemishes and give you long term scaring.

Another good thing to do would be to steam your face at least twice per week to open the pores in your skin. A good and simple way to do this would be to boil purified water then remove from heat and carefully drape a towel over your head and hold your face over the pot followed soon afterwards by rinsing your face with cold purified water.  Or you can go to the gym and hop into the steam room followed by a cold shower.

Either way you are sure to aid your skin with this treatment.  Afterwards you can apply essential oils which can be very good for your face like chamomile, calendula, lavender, juniper, and mint are wonderful for your skin.  Please note to follow the application procedure carefully as overdoing it with some oils may cause irritation.  Going hand in hand with this will surely be your diet so start by taking a careful look at what may be causing your pimples from appearing.  Look guys, we all know that sometimes the urge to grab a candy bar is just to overbearing as all one has to do is take the wrapper off and start chewing, one powerful way to overcome this temptation is to carry healthy home roasted nuts or dried fruits snacks with you and you can also keep them at home as well.  I made a point of saying home roasted because most store bought roasted peanuts contain way too much salt and will not help you in any way to help your skin nice and clear.

Also having a large bowl of fresh fruits like apples, pears, strawberries, bananas or just about any fruit will do on your kitchen counter will be good.  Eating too much fat will also cause you to break out as this will affect your blood sugar and cause swings in your blood level as it will rise too high and then drop too low and in effect this swinging will cause a cascading hormonal reaction that will lead to an increase in sebum production and block your pores. A wise man once said that food that came from a factory is bad for ones skin as processed foods are often highly refined which makes it very difficult for your body to digest and this will ultimately lead to allergic reactions, inflammation and as a result acne will begin to appear. Never forget that to make processed foods palatable the factories add extra flavors, additives and other chemicals to fool your taste buds.

So if you’re looking to clear your complexion or avoid acne altogether take note of this advice and see where that takes you. My guess is that you will be much happier and yourself esteem will be higher and this will lead you to a better way of life, especially throughout your teen years.